Tiny fluffy paws, bite-sized ears and squishy noses; there’s just something about animal babies that makes us go ‘aww’. But enough of puppies, kittens and ducklings; these baby photos of less popular animal species will equally melt your heart too.


1. Baby agouti

Agoutis are native to Middle America, northern South America and the southern Lesser Antilles. Agoutis are related to guinea pigs, but they are larger and have longer legs. Just as cute, though.



2. Baby duiker

Natives to Africa, a duiker is a small-sized antelope species from the subfamily Cephalophinae. These cute little things are very shy though, as they have a fondness for dense cover.



3. Baby armadillo girdled lizard

Not everyone is a fan of lizards, but come on, isn’t this baby armadillo lizard the cutest/coolest reptile ever? The armadillo girdled lizard can be found in the southern deserts of the African continent, and they can grow up to 24cm in length.

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4. Baby klipspringer

The klipspringer – the name translates to ‘rock jumper’ in Afrikaans – is a small antelope species that can be found in the rockiest parts of Africa. If that face is not adorable enough for you, they walk on the tips of their hooves very much like a ballet dancer.


Photo: flickr.com/bluelunarrose

5. Baby hedgehog

Hailing from the subfamily Erinaceinae, hedgehogs can be found through parts of Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Africa. There are seventeen different species of hedgehog – not including the one that is blue in colour, runs really fast and collects golden rings.


Photo: cutestpaw.com

6. Baby anteater

Sure, an adult anteater won’t be winning any ‘Cutest Animal’ awards any time soon, but a baby anteater is a whole different story.

Photo: flickr.com/nikazdesignz

7. Baby pufferfish

The pufferfish are generally believed to be the second most poisonous vertebrates in the world (after the golden poison frog, in case you are wondering). A baby pufferfish? Oh, they will still kill you…with cuteness!

Photo: imgur.com

Photo: imgur.com

8. Baby prairie dog

Fun fact: Prairie dogs are not actually dogs, they are a type of ground squirrel native to the grasslands of North America. It doesn’t matter though; they are still adorable.

Photo: reddit

9. Baby skunk

Sure, skunks have a stinky reputation (pun unintended) but they are oh-so-adorable when they are little. Who can say no to those eyes?


Photo: imgkid.com

10. Baby kangaroo (also known as a joey)

In rare instances where a joey leaves its mama’s pouch, it is a picture of absolute cuteness.

source foundily.com




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