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If you live in the West, you would know very well the severe lack of cafes in the area. Once again, the East of Singapore triumphs in bringing us over to explore even their most ulu parts for their food and eateries. Oh, the pain and humiliation.

Despite that, we have managed to sniff out and reveal these very elusive Singapore cafes in the west. So the next time you just want to relax with a cup of coffee in your hand while in the wild west, you can do so just 10 – 15 minutes away. No need to dress up and go all the way to the East (which is literally another country to us westies) to ‘chill’. Here is the list of some lifesavers for the westies.

1. The Usual Place

The Usual Place cafes in west singapore

Only about a five to 10 minutes walk away from Chinese Garden MRT station, this cafe serves pretty common food, but check out their Salted Egg Prawn Pasta ($12.90)! If you are a fan of liu sha baos, salted egg yolk crab and the like, you know you need to give this a go. The costs of other items are pretty affordable as well, so you get your bang for your buck at the usual place.

The Usual Place salted egg prawn pasta

The Usual Place: 346 Jurong East St 31 #01-73, Singapore 600346 | Tel: 64251517 | Website




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