Ginger might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of foods with beautifying and health-giving properties — it’s knobbly, gnarly, and comes in all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes. But beneath this peculiar-looking root’s tough exterior lies a wealth of health and beauty benefits that we at Bright Side are definitely going to try.

1. Blemish buster.

Let gingerol, the super powerful antioxidant in ginger, fight the good fight against blemishes, scars, and age spots. Try blending a small amount of freshly grated ginger with some crushed ice and applying once a week.

2. Be gone, inflamed skin.

Ginger is one of nature’s own anti-inflammatories, helping to ease and calm skin that is sore or just a little bit unhappy, whilst promoting blood circulation. Eczema sufferers take note: adding a few drops of ginger essential oil to a carrier (like olive oil) is particularly soothing.

3. No more flakes…

Forget chemical-laden topical shampoos, because the antiseptic properties within ginger help fight the fungi that causes dandruff. Mix some grated ginger and water in a spray bottle and apply directly to the scalp.

4. Exfoliation excellence.

It’s so easy to make your own face and body scrubs at home, and ginger’s naturally gritty texture is a fantastic way to get rid of dead skin cells. Try it mixed with thick, gloopy honey, and enjoy the zingtastic scent as it energizes your entire body.

5. Gingerlicious locks.

Most of us wouldn’t say no to the promise of thicker (and quicker!) hair growth. Ginger is often a key ingredient in commercial hair products due to its active mix of volatile oils and antioxidants. Applied in the same way as the dandruff spray, it will boost blood flow to hair follicles, stimulating beautiful growth.

That’s not all — ginger also has some pretty impressive health benefits too….

6. Cold and flu relief.

Having a cold can really get you down, and whilst there is no cure or escape from the cold virus, there is ginger. The original decongestant, there is nothing more soothing than settling down under a blanket with a cup of hot ginger tea. Simply add some shaved ginger to hot water with lemon juice and honey for the perfect mix.

7. Natural antihistamine.

Allergy sufferer? From hay fever to cat hair intolerance, ginger is a great natural alternative to medicated products. A few cups of ginger tea each day has been shown to reduce the sniffles and sneezes associated with these common allergies, so drink up!

8. Forever young.

A number of studies on animals have shown that ginger has a protective effect against age-related decline in brain function, an early indication of Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been shown to significantly improve memory skills and reaction times in older women.

9. Ease aching muscles.

The next time you strain a muscle, or sleep in an awkward position, add some ginger oil to your bath. You can even apply a mixture of ginger paste heated up slightly directly to the affected area for the sweetest muscular relief. Even better, eating a teaspoon of ginger powder at the beginning of your period has also been shown to reduce menstrual pain.

10. Quash your queasiness.

Whether you are suffering from pregnancy-related morning sickness, motion sickness, or any other kind of nausea, you need ginger in your life. Ginger root has been proven to reduce both the severity and frequency of vomiting, and it is a completely natural way of relieving nausea.




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