Sorry millenials, the 1990s was 20 years ago, and the 2000s is fast becoming the new 1990s — it’s time to admit that you are growing old and no longer part of the YOLO generation.

See how many of these things you are doing that puts you one foot in the auntie/uncle door:

1. Saying ‘Yes’ to this question at the supermarket cashier

Nothing screams uncle/auntie more than having a PAssion card or NTUC membership card. Worse: whipping it out to scan for LinkPoints before the cashier even asks for it.

2. Being unable to function after overnight Mahjong sessions

You used to be able to go right back to work/school after an overnight session of MJ if you’re able to squeeze in a 20-minute power nap.

Now? At 2am, you will say “Eh, play finish this round we go home ok?”

3. You’ve changed how you eat hotcakes at McDonald’s

When you were young:






Because jelak.

4. While you’re at the buffet…

It used to be:

And you can walk away looking like this:

Now after a buffet, you look like this:

5. When it comes to ordering drinks at the hawker centre/kopitiam

Young you:


Old you:

There must be some sort of science behind why we prefer hot drinks over cold ones as we age.

6. You cannot comprehend new fashion trends

But you were also the generation that ushered in several fashion trends your parents were befuddled by. See the pattern?

7. When you sit down or get up from a chair

It used to be a piece of cake:

Now you will let out a heave of relief. True story.


8. Countdowns are now meaningless

It used to be cool to go out and party at one of those large scale countdown parties.

Then you moved on to maybe doing the partying at your friend’s place.

That slowly evolved into staying at home to watch countdown parties on TV.

Now, you probably just sleep at 11pm.

9. All your favourite songs have ‘upgraded’ to either Class 95 or Gold 90.5

You know you’re truly old if you still think the trendiest radio station is called Perfect 10. It’s now called 987FM.

10. You no longer have to ability to eat spicy food and leave unscathed





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