The Mac is one of the most powerful and versatile machines on the market today. There are so many great features included with your Mac that its nearly impossible to know every single one of them. From taking effortless screen shots to adding emoji to your messages, theres a lot more to your Mac than meets the eye.

Are you using your Mac to its full functionality?

With all that these incredible machines can do, the answer is quite likely no, so boost your effectiveness and Mac street cred with these fifteen lesser-known users tips and tricks from Brian Meyer at Lifehack.



Screenshots on the Mac are pretty awesome, and there are three ways to take a screen shot with your Mac:

Command + Shift + 4 and you’ll get a crosshair that you can drag with your mouse to capture exactly what you want.
Command + Shift + 4 at the same time and then let them go, then hit the Spacebar. Now you can click on any window you want and take a shot of that entire window, shadow included.
Command + Shift + 3 to take a shot of your entire desktop. You’ll get a file for each display connected.
2. Move The Dock

First, hit Command + Option + D on your keyboard to instantly hide the Dock. Hit the keys again to bring it back. What if you have two monitors and just want to move the Dock to another display instead of hide it? Just move your mouse to the other display and hold the cursor at the bottom center of the screen. The Dock will jump over and make the new display its home until you do the same action on the original monitor again.





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