A night when you are all alone in the house and hear a voice at the door. As soon as you intend to open the door, the power goes off; all you can see now is pitch black darkness. And as the shimmering light from nowhere finds its way into your room, you realise the person standing at the door is a rotting body without a head!

Even, if now also, you are not scared or can’t realise goosebumps, take a stroll through this list of 50 scary places around the world.

  1. The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

    m_The Island of the Dolls 1

    They are not just dolls! They can be found all across the island, they move their hands, they even whispers to each other and also lures the boatman to the island! Sound creepy, right? Yes, the first glance of this island is enough to scare the man out of you!

    m_The Island of the Dolls 2

  2. Hashima Island, Japan

    m_Hashima Island 1

    Once a bustling coal mine, Hashima Island is now the dwelling of souls and sprits. With zero human intervention, the deserted island has now become a ghost town, where you can hear murmuring and whispering sounds with no one beside you!

    m_Hashima Island 2

  3. The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

    m_The Hill of Crosses 1

    Less of scary and more of a pilgrimage site, this hill is laced with hundreds and thousands of holy crosses. People from all over the world visit this sacred hill and leaves behind a holy cross to fulfil their wish. However, when it comes to spending a night in this hill, only a handful can dares!

    m_The Hill of Crosses 2

  4. Aokigahara, Japan

    m_Aokigahara 1

    Usually dense forests excite all of us with their lush and appealing charm. But…don’t get mistaken by the luscious outlook of the Aokigahara Forest in Japan, where you can witness signboards saying- ‘life is precious’, ‘consult the police before you decide to die’ at the entrance. It is the most haunted suicide point in the country with several paranormal activities reported so far!

    m_Aokigahara 2

  5. Pripyat, Ukraine

    m_Pripyat 1

    Why would someone desert a township with plenty of fun-rides, gymnasiums, auditoriums, galleries and other recreational spots? Well, to find the answer, you need to visit the spooky town of Pripyat in Ukraine; just make sure, you pray to the Gods before entering this ghostly town!

    m_Pripyat 2

  6. Craco, Italy

    m_Craco 1

    The last humanly activities reported in this village were in 1963, when the locales were transferred to some other vicinity. Since then no one has decided to turn up to this hamlet as it is considered to be cursed with evil souls and paranormal activities.

    m_Craco 2

  7. Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

    m_Sedlec Ossuary 1

    On the very first look of this ossuary, you might not find anything unnatural! But hold on…take another look of your surroundings! Now don’t say that all the chandeliers, garlands in the room or the coats of arms are actually carved out from human bones and skeletons. Do you still want to visit this ossuary?

    m_Sedlec Ossuary 2

  8. Poveglia, Italy

    m_Poveglia Island 1

    A disguised island in Greece, Poveglia is an island where you can find bones and skulls with the waves crashing against the shores or might find your boat getting stuck into a pile of human bones. The once a dumping ground of the plague victims, there has been an array of paranormal activities reported in this island; it also includes the death of a psychic doctor who was choked to death by unnatural forces!

    m_Poveglia Island 2

  9. Tuol Sleng, Cambodia

    m_Tuol Sleng 1

    A school turned into prison, Tuol Sleng in Cmabodia ended up being a genocide ground! Claiming almost 14,000 lives of the inmates; most of which were brutally tortured to death, it is now one of the haunted places in Cambodia. You can visit this prison during the daytime, but spending a night; you have to think twice on this!

    m_Tuol Sleng 2

  10. Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania, USA

    m_Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania 1

    Most of us might not be aware of the ‘Pennsylvania System’! Well, to explain it, it was a system wherein the prisoners were dumped into solitude and at times, they were left to die in such tragic circumstances. Introduced in 1829 in Philadelphia in the Eastern State Penitentiary prison, the aftermath of this horrific practice has led to several spine-chilling paranormal activities in this prison.

    m_Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania 2

  11. Lome Bazaar, Togo, Africa

    m_Lome Bazaar, togo 1

    A market in Africa, where you can find all the necessary commodities to practice black magic, the Lome Bazaar is one of the scariest sites in the country. From freshly killed animals to well-preserved animal remains, skeletons and other parts, one can find everything in this market.

    m_Lome Bazaar, togo 2

  12. Miyake-jima, Japan

    m_Miyake-jima 1

    How hard and scary it will be to spend the entire life wearing a gas-mask? If you want to find an answer to this, visit the Miyake-jima, where people spent most of their lives wearing a gas mask in order to withstand the poisonous gases evolving from the active volcanoes.

    m_Miyake-jima 2

  13. I.M. Cooling Tower, Belgium

    m_Abandoned Power Plant

    What makes this power plant look scary is its massive size and no humanly activities. The plant that had an amazing capacity to cool around 480,000 gallons of water every minute has now become one of the scariest places on earth!

  14. Dadipark – Dadizel, Belgium

    m_Dadipark - Dadizel

    Opened during the 1950s, this amusement park in Belgium closed its door in 2002. It was due to a tragic incident, where a young boy lost his arm in 2000, the park stopped attracting visitors and finally ended up closing its gate forever. The vastness of the park and the silence that exists there made this one of the scariest places in Belgium.

  15. Willard Asylum – Willard, New York, USA

    m_Willard Asylum - Willard 1

    This chronic asylum came into existence in 1869 and had a capacity of around 4,000 patients at a time. In the course, the asylum witnessed around 50,000 deaths, out of which only a few were natural. Well, this makes the asylum and its morgue, one of the creepiest as well as scariest places.

    m_Willard Asylum - Willard 2

  16. Changi Beach, Singapore

    m_Changi Beach

    Flying saucers or any other unidentified objects…sound exciting, right? But then, how about flying heads, headless bodies walking all over a beach, dying soldiers crying out for help and other unnatural events? Now, if this excites you, make it to the Changi Beach in Singapore that was once the execution ground of the Chinese army and witness the unnatural happenings!




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