Since the dawn of time there have been some prime differences between men and women. Here’s our list of 5 favourites! Our list of 5 differences between men and women that will have you clutching your sides from laughing so hard – opposites do attract, we suppose.

1. The morning routine

2. Packing for a vacation

A vacation; by definition, is a period of time when you leave all your worries and troubles behind then kick back and relax. The packing, however, is far from a stress-free experience for us ladies. We’ve got the kids to worry about, the allergies, location-appropriate clothing, and snacks for the journey. On top of all that, we have our own packing to worry about. Men on the other hand, seem to be content with one pair of jeans and the first four shirts they see. How they do it, we’ll never know.

3. Praying for your soulmate

Many little girls spin dreams of their wedding from the time they hear their first fairytale. We decide what dress we want and the perfect spot for the momentous occasion. Of course, without a doubt we start picturing all the qualities we want our prince charming to possess. Thank you, Disney, for our unrealistic expectations of knights on white horses. Men, too, pray and hope for the girl of their dreams. With one big difference, let’s just say their list is a lot less complicated

4. Shopping for hair products

Hair is relatively high up on our list of priorities. Let’s face it, the difference between having a good or bad hair day can make or break our entire look. So naturally, when shopping for hair care products there is an extensive weighing of pros and cons. Men on the other hand, are simply looking for something that performs the primary function of shampoo – to clean your hair. That really is just it.

5. Covering for a friend

Women, when covering for one another, need to be given a heads up. You see if we aren’t given a heads up we tend to assume the worst (we can’t help it). Is she okay, has she been injured or the ultimate – is she dead?! Men, we have noticed, will jump to get a buddy’s back regardless. I guess hell, really, hath no fury like a woman scorned. So when a pal’s wife calls asking where the friend in question is, every guy automatically admits to knowing of his whereabouts. There is a flaw in this plan, though…








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