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Being a nation of foodies, we do have an endless list of places to go to. It’s not gluttony but we do eat a lot. At work, in school, along the street, you will always see someone with some form of food in their hand.

So with an endless list of eateries, you think you are all set but what happens when you have a craving for food at 2am? Will it be McDelivery or instant noodles? Never fear. With this list of ultimate late midnight supper spots, your growling stomachs will not bother the neighbours after 12am.

Here’s my list of the places you should go for supper around the island.

1. Rocher Original Beancurd


Perhaps this is Singapore’s most famous tau huay, known for silky smooth beancurd. Next door neighbour and rival, Beancurd City, also serves equally good beancurd. Both owners are brothers after all, just not on speaking terms. Rochor Original Beancurd also has egg tarts which makes a nice accompaniment to soybean milk and tau huay.

Address: 2 Short Street, Singapore 188211
Operating hours: 12pm to 1am (Daily)




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