Carter Lawson is just 4 and half years old. Every day he restlessly sits on the porch waiting not for his daddy, nor a playmate, nor even a neighborhood dog.

Similar to 2-year-old Deacon Ross, who befriended his “garbage man,” Carter waits for the mailman each day.

“Anyone could just be like ‘Go away kid,’ but Mike has really gone out of his way to interact with Carter, and it’s been really cute,” said Carter’s mom, Cassie Lawson.

“Mailman Mike,” as Carter calls him, reciprocates Carter’s feelings. Carter helps Mike out on his route and Mike keeps Carter away from some of the more protective dogs.

Carter even got a matching outfit. “Oh, I just couldn’t believe he got a full mailman’s costume,” said Mike.

It all started when Carter was fascinated by the mail truck that would show up. On hot days, Carter would bring Mike some water and a snack. Soon after, Mike began bringing Carter some candy and a letter.

“Every letter carrier has stops he looks forward to and this is the one I look forward to everyday,” said Mike. “He’s the end of my day, and the best part of my day. Not just because it’s the end, because he’s such a cute little guy,” said Mike.

Mike plans on taking Carter and his mom on a tour of the post office so he can see the rest of Mike’s job.

Carter’s story is so simple, yet so humbling. An absolutely ordinary job can become extraordinary with just a little bit of kindness.

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4-Year-Old Sits On His Porch Every Day Waiting For HIM To Show Up. Now Watch Who It Is…





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