Women have such a wide variety of hairstyle options to choose from, it is expected that some of it are simply, a little off. Actually, not just a little off, it is really horrendous. After reaching a quick consensus, the writers at Goodyfeed have come up with what we think are the 5 worst hairstyles for girls, and I think you would agree too.

The super short


By “short” we don’t mean the kind of round mushroom style or above the neck kind of short hair. We mean really short hair, like those that involves shavers that the men use. Hair this short are really difficult to pull off for girls, and is best left for men. It makes us think that the girl is probably a fierce and difficult one, regardless whether it is true or not.

The one-side-missing


Other than looking strangely lopsided, you also look like that Cao Ah Lian who probably hid a switchblade under your jeans and would totally enjoy sawing my head off. This hairstyle is very effective in turning men off, and even more effective in making them want to run away. So think twice next time before deciding to drive a bulldozer across the side of your head.

The wet hair


Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing more attractive than seeing your girlfriend walk out of the shower with her hair damp and smelling so good you just want to bury your head in her hair. We’re talking about the intentional “wet hair” look that some people make using probably a whole jerrycan of gel. It looks plain sticky, dirty, weird, untouchable and just basically any other adjective you would use to describe a jellyfish. Ugh stay away from me!

The color explosion


Hair with bright or multiple colors are simply too loud, too attention seeking, too futuristic, too… much, you understand? It gives off a very non-wife material kind of feel. Like, if we wanted to meet a peacock we’ll visit the zoo.

Elaborate accessories


What’s with that big ass flower on your head? Your desperate attempt to act cute? We don’t know about you, but that is what we think at first glance. We’re already judging you in the bad way before you start talking. And if your voice is the squeaky kind, we’ll be gone faster you can say “act cute”. Seriously. goodyfeed.com





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