This week’s sex position is a guaranteed bang—that is safe enough for preggy mammas too. Just shoot and the Magic Bullet will target the G-spot!

Sex trivia: Did you know that besides the genitals and breasts, the only other body part that swells during sex is the inner nose? Why? Because it is made out of the same type of erectile tissue as the penis. Cool, right?

Now, let’s get right down to this week’s position that can make you go—BANG! The magic bullet is perfect if you are having a low-energy day but still want to make that connection with your hubby.

For this position, the man will take the reigns and control the pace while you can lean back and enjoy. Since your feet are up in the air, all pressure will be off your ankle and feet, especially if they’re swollen during pregnancy.

Let’s shoot!

1. Lie down, face up and stretch your legs up in the air and spread slightly apart.

2.Guys, you can sit on your knees, in front of your lady. You can hold on to her legs as you enter her.


This position is fantastic for hitting the g-spot and it is also recommended for preggy mammas. Guys love it because he can push your legs together so that it is a tighter sensation for him and he feels fuller for you. Also, his hands can touch whatever he wants to. Hint.

The is one slight issue with this position—your legs might get a little tired being up in the air the whole time. So switch it up. We have plenty of positions for you to choose from, depending on what level of difficulty suits your fancy.

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