4165241605_92a9985a85_oThe Inconvenient Flaw of the Y-Wing. “The Koensayr’s BTL Y-Wing Fighters often got their cockpit opening mechanism jammed in sub-zero operating temperatures. On Hoth it was not good, not good at all.”

5411192881_9b41f10213_bMoonlight Shadow “During the nocturnal AT-AT maintenance shifts on Hoth the snowtroopers (yes, the insulation on their armor was that good) often built snow lanterns. They considered it an art form.”

4332243872_6c59ac55b6_oBreaking In the Tauntaun. “The Tauntauns, indigenous to Hoth, had to be broken in by a special group of wranglers before the Rebel Forces could use them as mounts. The breaking-in process was short but very fierce, managing it in deep snow was a task for the most skilled animal handlers in the fleet only.”

5502258262_aa86f6f0fc_bX-Wing Dawn Patrol. “The trusty X-Wing fighters were excellent machines, good enough to withstand the freezing Hoth nights. They were frequently used for early morning orbital scout patrols during the rebel occupation on Hoth.” 5595619689_320c9a3e2e_bHigh Speed Snowspeeder Flyby. “The guys at Echo station 3-T-6 were frequently freaked out by high-speed, low-altitude passes of snowspeeders. The 3-T-6 was located on a cliff at the edge of a high ground plain, it was like a beacon, the speeder pilots just couldn’t resist the opportunity. Dangerous stuff!” 5723177297_4f7f0ae245_bThe Derelict. “Little-known fact: The snowtroopers were keen to repair exotic propulsion systems occasionally found in the frozen wastelands, such as the trustworthy Koensayr R200 Ion Jet engines from a derelict Y-wing fighter. Although the Empire was wealthy, they did not say no to recycled enemy technology.” Artist’s note on the two suns: This started out as a night shot but at some point I switched to day forgetting to fix the number of spheres in the sky. It’s a mistake, yes, but I thought it looked better this way eventually.

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4577963694_1e511a04c7_oThe Arrival of a Star Destroyer. “During the night before the assault on Hoth the Imperial troops had to land a Star Destroyer to speed up the process of placing AT-ATs and massive amount of other gear on the planet surface. The icy moonlit landing site had to be inspected by foot to make sure it can take the immense weight of a Star Destroyer without cracking. These four guys were in charge of that task. Can you imagine the pressure? No wonder they don’t talk much….”

4146018921_a5367b1bdc_oStormtroopers’ Perpetual Winter. “The days and nights on Hoth were harsh on the six who were lost.”

5092259721_4510c18ae2_bThe Player. “Chewie takes a deep breath of fresh air after an unfortunate round of solitaire.”4189371611_a7d1463c58_m“What The!?”




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