It’s a big, big world, and these are big, BIG photos.

In a stunning series of round-the-world photo tours, online nonprofit AirPano shows us just how tiny we really are compared to our dazzling planet of teeming cities, sprawling mountains and wide-open waterfalls. It’s pretty much the best EarthPorn we’ve ever seen.

AirPano’s 360-degree tours are mostly shot from a helicopter, making viewers feel as if they’re actually soaring above more than 200 iconic locations.The company adds a new tour every week, so we have a feeling the adventure will never end.

So strap on your paragliding harness, because the journey starts… NOW.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil
New York, New York
Mount Everest
Paris, France
Tolbachik, Russia
Taj Mahal, India
Angel Falls, Venezuela
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Barcelona, Spain
Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Giza, Egypt




Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


Victoria Falls, Africa


New York, New York


Dominican Republic
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