If there’s one thing we all fear when swimming in ponds and lakes, it’s parasites. Earlier this month, scientist Solomon David, uploaded a video he recorded of an agricultural ditch-wetland junction near Green Bay, Wisconsin. David said that he’s seen many fish at this site over past several years and the spot is a popular fishing hole.

Instead of finding the murky water teeming with freshwater fish, he found that it was infested with hundreds of leeches. Very large, very active and very hungry leeches. David says that he’s never leeches here or anywhere else in numbers like this. In fact, there were so many leeches in the water that David titled the video “Leech-nado.”

The leeches were at the site for at least two days, and David says that they should disperse when the weather and water levels change and more fish return. These blood suckers don’t mess around and will feed on just about anything. Just imagine what would happen if anyone just blindly jumped in? We’re shuddering at the thought and if you’re squeamish about anything that squirms, you probably shouldn’t watch the video.




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