Posing in a translucent dress and showing off her supple skin and slim physique, you’ll never believe that Madam Qin Ling, a grandmother from Chongqing, China, is 50 years old.

Dubbed a “beautiful magic woman” by netizens, Madam Qin Ling caught the attention of the public when she appeared on a Chinese variety TV show with her daughters to do a sexy dance routine.

According to Chinese entertainment sites Huan Qiu and People’s Daily Online, the glamourous granny said she manages to slow down the ageing process by taking good care of her body, having good exercise habits and eating till she is only 80 per cent full.

She also attributes her slim and toned physique to sleeping naked once a week, taking hot showers and applying her own blend of facial mask.

The mask contains ingredients such as cucumber, yogurt, honey and pearl powder.

The divorcee told Chinese media that she had to come up with affordable and effective methods to stay youthful as she is a single mum.

For her birthday last August, her daughter made her model in a photoshoot and later posted the snaps online.

The pictorial featured Madam Qin Ling posing seductively in a sexy outfit, showing off her taut tummy and seemingly blemish-free skin.

Her appearance has garnered many praises online including a love confession.

One man, who was more than 20 years younger than her, declared his love for her after seeing her glamour shots online, reported the Daily Mail, but the granny rejected turned down his offers.

She says she is looking for someone to settle down with, but her potential partner has to be older than her.





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