Every woman will probably experience having her period around 400 times in her lifetime. For many women, it is a period of pain, lethargy and having mood swings that makes them want to microwave a kitten. However, instead of treating the period like the enemy of womankind, the period can actually be a woman’s best friend as well!

Do these 3 things during your period and you’ll easily slim down, get better skin and bigger breasts!

Getting bigger breasts

If you have chests flatter than the Salar de Uyunl or if you simply are not satisfied with the size of your mounds, then do not miss the perfect opportunity for growth during your period.

According to a research, the peak estrogen production period during the first 3 days of your period can promote the development of breasts, and so, this is the best time to get them globes you are looking for. Consuming more carrots, potato, soy and nuts as well as getting ample calcium during these three days can triple the growth of your milk factories.

Image: boomsbeat.com | Salar de Uyunl


Your body burns fat faster during the last two days as well as the week following your period. If you’re looking to lose some flab on your thighs, working out during this period can make things even more efficient. Of course, this doesn’t give you the excuse to slack for the rest of the month. Daily workouts are important, but there are just some days which are more important, geddit? Never mind, we’re starting to regret telling you this already. We know you’re going to slack.


The bleeding that occurs during menstruation is a natural detox. So you can take the opportunity to help the process out. Drink lots of water and have some herbal tea. Reduce your work load and have a little more rest than you would normally. Just take it easy as a general guide.

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