Having trouble sleeping? We’ve got some ideas that will probably work better than counting sheep. These five beverages are great for helping promote sleep, but they’re not the standard pre-bed go-to drinks like warm milk or sleepy time tea.

Catnip tea
It turns out that this herb isn’t only for cats — it has powerful anti-anxiety properties and can help calm your mind, lulling you into a deep sleep. Try Tension Tamer by Celestial Seasonings or Teepee Dreams from the Native American Tea Company.

Chia seed-infused drinks
Chia seeds, one of the trendiest superfoods out there, contain high levels of tryptophan, which induces sleep. (Thanksgiving turkey comes to mind, here). The seeds can be enjoyed in a drink before bed as a refreshing alternative to plain water. Try blending some Health Warrior Premium Black Chia Seeds into a smoothie with some flaxseed milk or unsweetened vanilla almond milk before bed.

If you’re a big IPA fan, hops are your bread and butter. The female flowers of the Humulus lupulus hop plant are a key ingredient in many beers, and their mild sedative effect can help make you sleepy. We don’t think you should drink enough Incredible Pedal IPAs to pass out, but we do suggest a hop-based tea. These can be bitter, so they’re often combined with other soothing, bedtime-appropriate herbs and ingredients like lemon balm or chamomile to make a tastier concoction. Try Celebration Tea’s Hop Tea for hop-induced sleep (without a hangover).

Magnesium powder drinks
Anyone can incorporate magnesium powder (like this one produced by Greenfield Fitness Systems) into their diets. It offers ease of use and a boost of an essential mineral to your quest for regenerative sleep. Just mix the powder with water or milk and receive the beneficial anti-insomnia properties of magnesium. Baths with Epsom salt, rich in magnesium, can help too because you readily absorb the magnesium through your skin.

Valerian root
Both the ancient Greeks and the ancient Chinese used the roots of the valerian flower, or Valeriana officinalis, to calm upset stomachs, relieve anxiety, and promote deep sleep. It’s most commonly served as a hot drink, but is also available as a pill, extract, and tincture. Its effects can be potent, so be careful using it.




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