‘Face mites’- Gross Creatures mating on your face in millions, which are unremovable

We see ourselves in the mirror and compliment our face. In biology class, we learnt about the things that happen inside our body that keep us alive and healthy. Cells, tissues etc. But what happens on the outside?

No matter how ugly or beautiful you are there are tiny gross creatures living, eating and mating on your face.

Each person on this planet has millions of tiny creatures living on his face.


These tiny mites spend their entire existence living comfortably inside your pores.


Like dust mites, face mites have a lifespan of up to 14 days.


Some mites call your lashes home…



…while others live on other parts of your face and body.


Because mites lack an anus, scientists believe they explode after feeding on your skin’s oils, hormones and other fluids.


They normally cause no harm to their host (that’s you), but somehow that only provides little to no comfort. 

mites-3find more information about these creatures

And the worst part is that no matter how much we try, we cant get them off our face….. Don’t mind me as I peel off my face .






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