Has the long week gotten you down? Are people around you just not getting it?Perhaps you need a good stiff drink, why not do it at a bar, with hamsters for bartenders?

Courtesy of Twitter user, Kawanabesatou, of Japan, we get a glimpse into a world where tiny dioramas, built by the graveyard caretaker, are inhabited by the hamsters.

Considering the size of the furry rodents, the various settings in this series of photos are extremely detailed and well done, with little touches reminiscent of their real-life counterparts, plus the hamsters look really good in them!

From sushi bars, to dive bars, the hamster bartenders do it all, serving food and drinks to all customers!



hamster-bartender-miniature-bar-kawanabesatou-2hamster-bartender-miniature-bar-kawanabesatou-3  hamster-bartender-miniature-bar-kawanabesatou-10hamster-bartender-miniature-bar-kawanabesatou-12After a long night’s work, we also get to see how our hard-working hamsters wind down at their own little rooms!


hamster-bartender-miniature-bar-kawanabesatou-20If that does not put a smile on your face, nothing will!

source foundily.com




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