Dear A.S.S,

Guys out there who has recently been in the heat of Uber/GrabCar. Please beware of Transco Enterprises.

My friend rented a car from Transco Enterprises through a friend recommendation. As he does not have much knowledge about car, he drove off the car assuming that everything was fine without checking inside & out of the car.

Months after driving, he feels that Grab/Uber was basically not earning well enough, he decided to return the car giving a month notice to the dealer by the name of Jackson Chia(HP: 93xxxx33) & informed the intention of returning the car as per stated in the contract that 30days in advance is needed upon returning.

However, upon returning the car back, the dealer held back his deposit stating that he needs to clear the insurance & stuffs so as to confirm that no claim was being made against my friend. Few days past, deposit still not returned back.

A call was made to the dealer, the dealer mentioned that there are so many parts faulty in this car & made his own way to deduct the amount off the deposit. Amount of a $1,500 was gone just like this by the dealer. The dealer even factor in the days whereby the car is laid at the workshop & charge my friend the rental for it.

This is utterly not right to do business this way whereby when you rent the car from a rental Co., you basically just wanna a car that can move around & helps you earn some extra cash with Uber/Grab but instead the rental Co. just rip you off at the end of the contract & earn from there.

For wanna be drivers, do take note & learn a lesson from this.
Only deal with the larger rental Co. whereby
– replacement car is always ready if anything happen to your car.
– maintenance to be included will be the best.
– check everything, literally EVERYTHING, list & take note anything/any parts that is faulty or making sound when you rent from the rental Co.







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