Heres What Happens When Lesbians Touch A Penis For The First Time image


Have you ever wondered what would happen if lesbians touched a penis for the first time?

Okay, probably not, but that’s precisely what this hilarious new video, first shared on The Gaily Grind, sets out to investigate.

Singing duo and lesbian couple Bria & Chrissy decided it was high time to test the theory and gathered together a bunch of their female-loving mates to see how they’d respond to this entirely new experience with a very friendly chap.

Although it may sound like the kind of video you might find in a very different part of the Internet, this one is actually perfectly safe for work (although maybe still wait until you get home to give this a proper watch).

And, needless to say, the women had some pretty priceless reactions, which include some amazing descriptions of this lad’s manhood, including comparisons to Play-Doh and bags of raisins.

Despite the experience, it doesn’t look like the women will be going back for more any time soon. After all, as one of the girls puts it: “I feel like I’ve gone my whole life trying to avoid this moment”.





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