You can turn a man on just by touching his head. Yes, those intimate touches and tugs of hair (don’t pull too hard though!) can make him melt under your touch. You might not have the professional skills of a hairstylist or masseur but here’s how to make him putty in your hands.

  1. Apply some pressure
    Men don’t perform well under stress, so get him to relax by slipping a massage into foreplay. Run your hand up and down the back of his head, putting extra pressure at the sensitive area just above his neck. If you’re on top of him, press down gently on his temples or the centre of his forehead, in between the brows. Draw little circles here with your index and middle fingers to release tension.
  2. Run your fingers through his hair
    Turn an innocent kiss into a hot make-out sesh by combing your fingers through his hair. Have him hold you up and wrap your legs around him. Feeling bold? Get horizontal and gently guide his head down to your cleavage. Continue past your stomach, stopping just above your thigh. If he gets the hint, reward him generously by returning the favour. After all, incredible sex is a two-way street.
  3. Caress his face (yes, it’s as simple as that!)
    Don’t just roll over once the deed is done! Cuddle up under the sheets and stroke his hair while whispering into his ear. Be generous with your compliments – he’ll be more eager to please the next time round. Want to give him a better view? Climb on top and caress his face, tracing along his hairline with your fingertips. Warning: this might lull him to sleep, but it’ll be the best snooze he’s ever had.

Image: Wavebreak Media Ltd /
Text: Sophie Hong
Additional text: Hidayah Idris

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