How To Win A Man In An Argument

Are you one of those people whose wit is always five minutes too late? You think of the wittiest, most brutal comebacks and insults but it hits you only after the confrontation is over. During the fight, you are outraged and shaking with anger but the things that leave your mouth are odd and disjointed, and sometimes, they don’t even make sense.

But it’s not that hard to win an argument, especially against a man. Here are three tips – from a man – on how to win any man in a verbal battle.

The soft spots of the male ego, when attacked, will inflict pain and suffering that’s way worse than any physical injury.

Warning: It is always better walk away from a confrontation, but if you really had to stand up for yourself, here are your weapons of choice.

  1. Fight fire with calmness
    Most men win arguments by being louder than everyone else. They get mad and start shouting and screaming f-bombs and vulgarities in different languages. The trick here is to remain calm and as indifferent as possible. And after he starts to lose steam and the screaming dies down, just look at him in the eye and say “Sorry. I wasn’t listening.”
  2. Aim for his insecurities
    Men are as insecure as women. We worry about what other people think about us all the time. And on top of that, most men cover that insecurity with ego and denial. Hence, if he makes the argument personal, aim for that insecurity.
    “You really think these people like you?”
    “Stop trying to get people to like you. It’s not working.”
  3. When in doubt, bring in the penis
    In a world where porn is filled with men with small packages, it is little wonder why men are so insecure about their penis size. Furthermore, unlike boobs, you can keep your penis size a secret for a large portion of your life. No one needs to know that you have surprisingly small penis for your height. Therefore, when the argument starts to get really nonsensical and irrational, bring in the penis.
    Template for a penis insult:
    I understand why you are doing that “Annoying Thing Man Is Doing”. Living with a small penis is a very difficult.

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