It’s time for your man to learn a trick or two on how to stimulate you to climax point—with just his fingers. Yes, that’s right. Introducing the magical, mystical Yoni massage.

Yoni Massage

All you need to know about the yoni massage

We want our men to cater to our needs too—just as much as we satisfy their fantasies.

This will be the first of a series on how your man can sex you right (as requested by you!)

First up, the Yoni massage, which could also be a warm up to even more sexing…


So what is “Yoni”?

Yoni massage

Yoni (pronounced as YO-NEE) may come across as a cutesy word and you probably would have guessed that it means vagina in some foreign language.

Now, let’s give you the low down (pun intended) on the Yoni. Lets delve deeper shall we? *wink

The va-jay-jay, we mean vagina, is a very sacred part of the female body. In Tantra, it is worshipped and must, we will stress on “must”, be treated gingerly with respect, tenderness and care.

What is a Yoni Massage?

yoni massage

Okay, if you are following us so far, you would know, in simpler terms we are talking about a vagina rub. But that just sounds too crude, because there is so, so much more than just a “good” time with a Yoni Massage.

It is a sensuous time for the giver and the receiver to build trust and strengthen the relationship. This Yoni massage can actually connect the receiver—meaning YOU—to your “inner sensual nature” that would lead you to an aura of completeness, well-being, contentment and satisfaction! It’s like a holistic tantric massage.

It’s magical because, although you might venture into the experience wanting to achieve that “happy ending”—which is guaranteed by the way—the Yoni massage goes way beyond that. You’ll be relaxed and the kinds of emotions that will surface will release your free spirit to express your innate and powerful orgasmic being.

Just so you will be prepared—the emotions unleashed will range from sadness, lust, anger, elation or even indifference. Don’t have set expectations because everything is possible and allowed during a yoni massage. The main objective of a yoni massage is for you to honour and respect your divine inner goddess.

Before venturing into the Yoni massage territory

ere’s your intimate time with the rest of the world shut out. Gaze adoringly into the eyes of your lover and begin to breathe in a synchronized manner so that your emotions can be intertwined.

This allows you to connect at a deeper level– that will bring about an openness,which is the building block of the Yoni massage. Continue to breathe deep and slow—relax throughout the experience.

Let’s begin

Now that you are ready, lie on your back with a pillow under your head and another under your hips to ensure that your pelvis is elevated. Slowly expose your Yoni as your man sits comfortably between your legs with his legs crossed.

Do not dive right in—start by massaging other parts of the anatomy to relax the muscles. Firmly but gently knead the thighs, legs, arms, stomach and breasts. Then, before venturing to the sweet spot, massage the pubic bone area and move on to the inner thigh.

Oil it up


Guys, use your right hand “to balance the polarity of Tantra”, then to apply sensual oils or lubricants to the top front of the Yoni. Pour an amount that will drip down to the outer lips and cover the outside of the vagina.

With gentle fingers, oil the outer lips and then use the thumb and index finger to squeeze each outer lip tenderly. Apply the sliding motion up and down the entire length of each lip. Repeat this action with each inner lip — varying pressure and speed. You can show him what feels good as he is doing this.

Don’t stop…

Slowly stroke her clit in a circular motion – clockwise and counter-clockwise …repeat. When she is ready, gently penetrate her with your middle finger and massage the inside of the Yoni. Explore her and feel her passion and heaving breaths. Remember to breathe slowly and be in sync with her. Try changing the speed and depth while massaging her insides.

Don’t ignore any areas, go up, down and all around—leave no spot untouched as you seek the “sacred spot” in Tantra. Find the G-spot by facing your palm upwards when the finger is still inside her Yoni, bend your finger and make that deep connection. Continue the massage at varying speeds, pressures and motions—don’t break the gaze or the uniformed breathing.

Ladies, don’t be surprised by the welling up of numerous powerful emotions inside you. You may feel like bursting into tears, or cracking up and laughing out loud.

Don’t worry, it does not mean you’re a weirdo. It’s just all your blocked energy finally being freed and you’re healing.

Go ahead and holler, yell, scream and squeal when you climax—come on make some noise because this is your time. Don’t hold back, unleash all the pent up energy and emotions. It’s safe! Continue to breathe steadily as it moves the energy and spreads it throughout your body.

Multiple orgasms

Yes, you can look forward to multiple orgasms and each one gaining in intensity—“riding the wave” as it is called in Tantric speak. If your man is loving and patient, you can learn to have multiple orgasms with this massage.

Tell your man to stop when your Yoni has been satiated. Now, you can lie there, basking in the afterglow of the high state of arousal, pleasure and sweet release. Your partner can wrap you with a warm blanket if you prefer. Soak in the peace that this intimate moment of sheer ecstasy has to offer.

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