An elderly woman in Korea unfortunately got attacked repeatedly by a fellow bus commuter after she reportedly tried to give her a few words of advice.

In a video posted on YouTube, the woman can be seen ranting as she gets on the bus, presumably due to an earlier incident.

When the elderly woman sits next to her, she begins an argument with her and starts shoving her.

As the grandmother changes seat, the woman gets up and slaps her repeatedly. Fortunately, other commuters intervened.

According to YouTubers who translated the fight, she was angry because of something that happened before she got on and the grandma sat next to her telling her to stop or something but the woman said to leave her alone and move but she didn’t.

User Jill Thompson translated:

“She says to the older woman: “Mind your own business! Get the f-away from me! You crazy f**k’ng b***h!, I told you get out of here!”

“She looks around, as people in the bus starts to get up, and shouts “You! Sit down!”.  Another older man comes to her and shouts, “Why are you swearing!”
“Then the bus driver comes over and demands “What are you doing!”.
“The woman then says “why is everyone swearing at me for…whine….”.   The bus driver looks at her and “what the…f**k…..”.
“Then the woman all of a sudden bows and says, ‘I’m sorry….”
“The bus driver was unconvinced, ‘Why you hitting people you crazy!.
“The people on the bus begins to say ‘call the police’, ‘kick her out o the bus’.  The bus driver kicks her out with a ‘get the f**k outta here you f**king b**ch’.
“The candy girl asks the old woman, ‘are you OK?’  The old  woman says ‘I have never encountered such a person in my life, now I’ve seen everything!’.”

Watch the incident below: 

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