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We feature 10 amazing local celebrities in Singapore who are also amazing parents and have sacrificed personal goals for the good of their children. Read more about favourites like Huang Biren, Wong Li Lin and even Moe Alkaff!

Many of our homegrown acting talents have been with us for decades, but many have also left the industry to focus on their families. Some have rejoined the industry, much to their fans’ delight.

Here we feature 10 amazing celebrities who are also amazing parents in their personal time and have sacrificed their own personal goals for the good of their children.

Recently in the news for buying a yacht and setting up permanent residency for the entire family on the yacht, this wholesome actress with her squeaky clean image quit showbiz in 2005.

Already a proud mother of 3 children, Tan gave birth to baby Elliot in early 2015. The entire brood are looking forward to epic sea expeditions which they will experience as a family.

Amazingly, all 4 children are home-schooled by the devoted mother.




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