In February of 2011, Kelly and her husband enrolled their 3-year-old daughter, Lexie, in a six-week dance class. Lexie always loved to dance unabashedly. During this six-week period, however, Lexie’s parents noticed strange behaviors at home. Eventually, the changes became so extreme that they realized something was very, very wrong.

Then came the shocking truth: Lexie was being abused by someone close to the family. The reality began to tear Kelly and her husband apart. “He was grieving for the person who abused, I was grieving for him, and we were both grieving for our daughter,” Kelly told us.

In 2013, Lexie’s family learned there would be no trial. A trial meant Lexie would have to take the stand against her abuser, and the possibility of this triggering Lexie after beginning to heal through two years of therapy was too much to bear. By 2014, the pain still lived in Lexie’s family, but Kelly says, “I KNEW I had to continue being strong for not only her, but for my husband and our son, as well. He was born a couple months after finding out about this, and he and Lexie are the reasons we had a glimmer of hope living within us somewhere.”

One morning, Kelly and Lexie decided to go out for a couple hours and make a video to the song “Break Free” by Ariana Grande — and in turn break free from the abuse and the abuser. You’re about to see their inspiring video below, and the result is truly remarkable. When they recorded their mother-daughter dance, they began to heal through the power of music.  “Lexie is a true inspiration to anyone who knows, loves or meets her,” Kelly says. “She is so talented, she is so brave, she is so forgiving. She is everything I want to be and more, and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share her story.”

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Her Daughter Was Acting Strange, But When Mom Films Her Doing THIS? Speechless.





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