Austin and Ty are twin brothers who have always shared a special bond. They were born into the world at the exact same time, but under very different circumstances. Ty has Down syndrome, and he was still learning to stand when Austin was walking.

Growing up, the twins were inseparable, despite the fact Ty’s Down syndrome meant he had to attend a different school. At the age of 18, when it came time for Austin to graduate high school, he refused to accept his diploma unless Ty was allowed to walk right alongside him to receive it. Austin’s school happily obliged.

Sure, Austin knew he worked hard to be a successful student and earn his diploma, but he firmly believes it’s Ty who has worked even harder than him due to the challenges his twin faces on a daily basis.

At the graduation ceremony, the twins walked across the stage together in Rochester, NY. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. But perhaps the most touching moment of the video below is the moment we meet the boys’ mother, who was so proud of her sons that she could barely hold back the tears.

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