It took the original Pebble smartwatch a little over 5 weeks to raise $10.27 million. It took Pebble Time just 48 hours to top that.

Officially unveiled Tuesday, the Pebble Time broke Kickstarter records, raising its first million in just 49 minutes.

The Pebble Time is the next-generation Pebble smartwatch. It has a thinner design, a color, e-paper display and a microphone for voice replies and notes. Still, the Pebble Time remains waterproof and promises a battery life of up to 7 days.

The Pebble Time will retail online and in stores for $199 but Kickstarter backers can get the device early. The first 10,000 backers were able to get the Pebble Time for $159, the current price is $179.

The original Pebble is one of Kickstarter’s most-famous success stories. It was the most-funded Kickstarter of all time until the Coolest Cooler dethroned it in August 2014.

When the original Pebble launched on Kickstarter, it truly was because the company needed a way to fund making the watches and continue to develop the project. Traditional investors had turned the startup down and Kickstarter seemed like the best way to reach the goal of bringing the product to the public.

It worked. Nearly three years after that campaign, Pebble is a fully-fledged company with investments from venture capital. It has also sold over 1 million Pebble smartwatches.

The Pebble Steel, Pebble’s second smartwatch, did not launch on Kickstarter. It launched on Pebble’s website and at online stores. Pebble has also expanded its physical retail presence across the globe.


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