Click here if you want to see lots of animal penis and vagina.

Biologists on Twitter are tweeting out pics of animal genitals using the hashtag #junkoff, Buzzfeed reports, and it’s… well, it’s lots of pictures of animal junk.

Anne Hilleborn, an ecologist getting her PhD at Virginia Tech, is responsible for kicking off this madness when she declared the junk off was going down:


Suddenly, Twitter was flooded with zebra penises, spider balls, and dolphin vaginas (with STDs). If you’ve ever wondered just how different other species’s bathing suit areas could look, this is for you. Some of these are petty weird and explicit, but let’s be honest: if you clicked on this and made it this far, you’re here to see animal junk anyway.

So, there you go. The hashtag is still going strong, so if this wasn’t enough animal junk for you, you can check it out here. The animal kingdom is beautiful and majestic and wonderful and has some of the weirdest junk I’ve ever seen. I feel like I just watched Planet Earth After Dark.

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