Starbucks has updated its iOS app to version 3.2.1, introducing an important change for the Apple Pay faithful — you can now reload your Starbucks Card with Apple Pay.

This still doesn’t mean you can pay for your Starbucks latte with Apple Pay directly, but it’s better than nothing. MacRumors notes that Starbucks locations are not equipped with the NFC (Near field communication) tech, needed to enable direct Apple Pay payments, and Starbucks has not, so far, made any announcements on that front.

The new feature means that Starbucks has finally made good on its Apple Pay partnership, which was announced in October.

Other changes in the new app include calorie information on menu items, as well as your standard bug squashing.

Apple Pay started the year on a strong note. A few days ago, JetBlue announced it will be adopting the technology on select flights, and in January, USA Technologies said it’s adding Apple Pay support to 200,000 of its vending machines, parking meters and other appliances. Read more…




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