Lana has until May 20 to find a home.

Update: Lana has found a foster home and new training program, according to Rescue Dogs Match. The Dodo will continue to follow her story.

Not long ago, literally thousands of people from all over the world were applying to adopt Lana, a shelter dog who had become known as the “saddest dog in the world.”

In October 2015, a photo showing Lana dejected in her kennel went viral. The family who had adopted her returned her to the shelter and Lana was too sad to go on walks.

Shelter dog Lana was too sad to go on walks
Saddest dog as runt of the litter
Saddest dog in world smiling
Saddest dog in the world
Sad shelter dog needing forever home
Saddest dog in the world in the sun
Shelter dog running in sun
Shelter dog playing
Shelter dog running
Shelter dog playing fetch




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