f all the animal sanctuaries worldwide, there’s something special about Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park, which is home to many majestic rescued and endangered creatures.

The following story of two such creatures is as heartbreaking as it is inspiring: Mae Perm and Jokia are two elephant rescues who reside at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The reserve writes that both have histories of tragedy and abuse; Mae Perm and Jokia were both rescued from the logging industry, where they were put through grueling conditions that left them with both physical and mental long-term damage.

However, since entering the park, the two have worked to “learn a new life.” Mae Perm takes care of Jokia, who has lost her sight. They’ve reportedly been best friends at the park for 10 years.

“Jokia is blind,” they write in the video’s description, “but she [has opened] her heart and not let her heart [be]blind.” They add that people could learn a thing or two from these survivors.

In the moving video below, Mae Perm and Jokia play in the water near a bank where a tire rests (afavored plaything of the residents at Elephant Nature Park). The two splash around in the water as a light rain starts to drizzle, and they comfort one another with shows of affection.

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