Cartoons are normally literally cartoonish: strange body proportions, weird size eyes, and bizarre voices. Their appearance is only limited by the imagination of the artists who create them, since they are just drawings on paper or on a computer. That’s why it’s a little weird when REAL PEOPLE in the REAL WORLD for end up looking like famous cartoon characters. Real people aren’t supposed to look like that. It’s almost like the fictional characters have come to life.

Peter – Family Guy

real life cartoon character peter family guy

Is this dude proud to bear a resemblance to Peter Griffin, or maybe he’s proud to look kind of like Peter Griffin but like younger and with a more normal chin?

Andy – Toy Story

real life cartoon character Andy from Toy Story

Guys, I think this was staged.

Cartman – South Park

real life cartoon character cartman

This guy’s name is Chris Kutill. He lives in Chicago, and is totally aware that he kind of looks like Eric Cartman… that’s why he got the hat and matching coat.

Dora the Explorer

real life cartoon character dora the explorer

Is it illegal to give monkeys to children? Because I want to give this child a monkey, and then send them off with no supervision.

Bobby – King of the Hill

real life cartoon character bobby hill

Please, PLEASE tell me this kid’s dad sells propane and propane accessories.

Scruffy – Futurama

real life cartoon character futurama

A dude on Reddit says this guy on his curling team looks like Scruffy from Futurama. People are on Curling teams in real life?

Carl Fredricksen – Up

real life cartoon character carl up

That square head thing is hard to pull off, but this guy does it.

Consuela – Family Guy

real life cartoon character Consuela from Famlily Guy

This woman needs to smile a little bit less to really nail the resemblance.

Boo – Monster’s Inc.

real life cartoon character boo monster's inc

Bad news: you’re on a flight with a baby. Good news: the baby totally looks like Boo from Monster’s Inc.

Linda Belcher – Bob’s Burgers

real life cartoon character linda bob's burgers

This one actually freaks me out a little bit. Linda is not a person that real people are supposed to look like.

Meg – Family Guy

real life cartoon character meg family guy

Shut up Meg!

Grandma – Tweety Bird cartoons

real life cartoon character tweety grandma

Someone buy this woman a small yellow bird and cat RIGHT NOW we can’t miss this opportunity.

Shaggy – Scooby Doo

real life cartoon character +++

Is that what “Scooby snacks” means?

SO REAL! Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!




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