Here’s a song for male Homo Sapiens everywhere.

A Malaysian singer/music producer by the name of Yu Tianlong shared a song called “My Bank Account” – a parody of JJ Lin’s hit song 背对背拥抱 – yesterday (Feb. 11) and clearly struck a chord or two and a couple of nerves.

In 24 hours, the video was shared more than 176,000 times and garnered some 3.3 million views.

The heart wrenching ditty about a guy’s depleting or already depleted savings is a riposte to his girlfriend’s complaints of not receiving any Valentine’s Day gifts and how he has changed for the worse.

Here are the highlights:

So universal is this song that even it’s performed in Chinese, guys worldwide are looking like this.

Check out the song here.

But like all love stories, the female version is just round the corner.

In response, another Malaysian singer Vchuan published a female version of “My Bank Account” with lyrics penned by women of his family just hours later.

“You took away my credit card and said I’m a spendthrift. But I didn’t demand for a branded handbag.”

bank account 6

“Why must I look at the contents of your wallet? I know there’s little left.”

bank acoount 7

“Looking at your bank account, I’m glad that we didn’t have a joint account.”

bank account 8

“I’ve stopped drinking teh tarik for a long time. Don’t you know I only drink plain water now?”

bank account 9

“Even though the economy is not doing good, I will still be by your side.”

bank account 10

 Ok guys and girls, stop looking at bank accounts. After all, every day is Valentine’s Day if the love is real, no?






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