Everyone loves panda bears; their cute little faces along with their intricate fur coloring make them one of the most interesting animals on the planet. And though they may be endangered, humans are doing everything to make sure that these beautiful animals survive into the next century!

Inspired by the chilly season and the overall cuteness of these adorable creatures, artist Gergely Dudás came up with a fun little “awareness test” to see just how quick your abilities are at uncovering something that is hidden.

Hidden amongst dozens and dozens of snowmen, Dudás hid just one little panda bear alongside them all!

While some people are claiming to have found the panda nearly instantly, others are having a bit more trouble. While some people online are pointing out the pieces of clothing, hats, and other small items hidden all over, they just can’t seem to uncover the cute panda!

If you can’t find him, don’t worry! That just means you’re looking at the big picture!

Check out the drawing below, and let us know how long it took you to find the hidden panda! But please, don’t spoil the secret for everyone else!

Everyone can easily agree that panda bears are pretty adorable. Their sweet faces and their diet of strictly bamboo make them one of the most interesting animals in the world!

Inspired by their sweetness, artist and cartoonist Gergely Dudás decided to make a “Where’s Waldo?” design. Only instead of people, he drew a huge number of snowmen with only one panda bear hidden amongst them!

See if you can find the hidden panda bear! Believe us when we say there is a panda somewhere in this picture. It’s taking some people a very long time to find him! Some people are getting so frustrated that they are giving up altogether!

source: http://www.littlethings.com/panda-bears-everywhere-v6/?utm_source=quirky&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=quiz






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