No one should feel distressed when opening a wedding invitation and pray that it is not held at Capella Singapore or St Regis.

Guests should not be pressured or obligated to give more money just because the soon-to-be newlyweds choose to host at a five-star hotel and here’s why:

Recently, The Straits Times reported that the price of a wedding table hits the all-time high record and even advised how much guests should give when they attend a wedding dinner.

Which makes one wonder — why should we, as guests, cover the cost of a wedding meal?

Red packets are essentially blessings from the guests to the newlyweds. The amount to give was never fixed — it depends solely on the guests themselves and perhaps the relationship between the guest and the newlyweds.

However, because of how expensive a wedding table costs, guests sometimes feel that they should give more because they would not want to come off as freeloading.

It is also no surprise that a wedding table could cost a bomb.

And it is this very reason that couples should tie the knot only when they are financially stable and can afford the wedding of their dreams.

If couples want to have a lavish wedding they should not depend on their “returns” to help cover the cost of the wedding.

After all, a wedding is between two people.

If they are unable to foot the full bill of the wedding costs, they should either choose a less expensive venue or reconsider if it is the right time to get married when they are not financially stable.

Needless to say, the Internet responded when they saw that updated list of wedding ang pow rates.

Of course, the more extravagant the place, the more guests are expected to give.

But ultimately, it is the couple’s event and guests should not be expected to cover the costs.

Yes, your marriage is not a game of who-can-afford-more.

This netizen speaks the truth! Such articles and charts should not exist to pressure guests into giving more than they can.

Remember, your guests did not choose the expensive hotel for you to get married at.

The most valuable lesson in life is to spend only when you can afford.

If you are hosting a wedding dinner and relying on red packets to ease your financial burden, you might have to rethink the practicality of your wedding plans.

Vice versa, newlyweds should not expect their guests to give more than they can afford!

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